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Public Relations Office



This unit is responsible for the image-making aspect of the College. It publishes the News bulletin and issues News letters as occasions warrant. The unit is headed by the Public Relations Officer (Assistant Registrar) who covers all conferences, seminars and other events holding in the college campuses and being newsworthy.

The Public Relations Officer is also responsible for the following:
a. Monitoring on a daily basis, happenings within and outside the College so that the Corporate image is properly managed and maintained in public
b. Compilation, and editing of News items and publication in the News Bulletin, Issuance of special Releases and information handouts.
c. Publicity arrangement for Inaugural Lectures, Convocation, Matriculation, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and burial of deceased members of staff.
d. Placement of advertisement in the Print and Electronic Media
e. Attending to queries and requests by the public from within and outside the College.
f. Offering advice to staff and students who seek such advice on official/personal matters.
g. Mixing freely with staff/students for purposes of feed-back.
h. Arranging Press Conferences for the Provost or the chairman Governing Council where necessary, especially where certain important policies have to be announced.
i. Maintaining excellent relations between the college and the Press through:

1.  Personal contact with the mass media and through visits to their offices
2. Organising press visits to the campus which in turn will influence favourable press attitude towards College