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Establishment Unit

Establishment Unit

The Establishment Affairs Unit handles matters relating to appointments, promotions and welfare of all categories of staff in the College. It also facilitates training of administrative and technical staff when necessary.

The Establishment Unit of the College Registry deals with human resource/management for both the Junior and Senior staff members in the employment of the College. The unit performs among others the following functions:

1. Develops, implements and manages human resource policies, procedures and practices.
2. Handles matters relating to appointments, promotions and discipline of both Junior and Senior staff in the College.
3. Develops appropriate personnel policies, procedures and practices.
4. Provides professional personnel and specialist support to departments.
5. Manages staff records for all categories of college workers.
6. Administers the pensions schemes for staff.
7. Facilitates training programmes for staff development.

In carrying out these duties, the Establishment unit is determined to improve its services to members of the College community and welcome constructive comments.