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School Of Vocational & Technical Education

Dean, School of Vocational & Technical Education


Dean’s Welcome Address

The School of Vocational and Technical Education is one of the five schools constituting the present College. It was created in 1993, when the old schools of Agricultural Education and Business Technical Education were merged in line with the directive of the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) guidelines.
Since 1985, the school had been located within the premises of the defunct Local Authority Teachers’ College with the permission of the state Government.

The Departments in the school are:
(i)The Department of Agricultural Education
(ii) The Department of Business Education
(iii)The Department of Fine and Applied Arts
(iv)The Department of Home Economics
(v) The Department of Technical Education

Our mission is to equip students with skills needed for recognising , addressing problems and taking appropriate decisions, using scientific and engineering techniques and tools.
Our vision is to produce Graduates who will be able to make valuable and effective contributions to national development as well as the understanding of the teaching and practice of vocational and technical subjects.