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School Of Science


Dean’s Welcome Address

The school of Science is as old as the college. At present, seven academic departments run 20 programmes. The school also runs a Biological Gardens Unit, a gymnasium as well as certificate and diploma courses through the Department of Computer Science. All departments run preliminary NCE programmes .

The seven departments in the school are:
(i)The Department of Biology
(ii) The Department of Computer Science
(iii)The Department of Chemistry
(iv)The Department of Integrated Science
(v) The Department of Mathematics
(vi)The Department of Physics
(vii)The Department of Physical and Health Education

Our mission in the school is to train students who will be equipped to analyse and undertake teaching and research works in science education.
Our vision is to position the school as a centre of excellence in teaching and learning. The school offers a synergy of deep intellectual insight, excellence of ideas and robust teaching that makes a difference in the lives of our students.