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S.A. Ojetunde (Deputy Provost)The Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, (EACOED),Oyo, is an autonomous institution with the primary objective of producing highly qualified teachers in courses of instruction leading to the award of the Nigeria Certificate in Education(NCE) and the Bachelor’s Degree in Education, the later as far as the resources available may permit.

The legal basis of the college is the Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo (formerly Oyo State College of Education, Oyo) Edit No. 16 VOl. 30, August , 2005. The Edit make provision for a Governing Council, the Academic Board, A congregation, Heads of Academic Units and a Convocation.

The EACOED main campus has a student population well in excess of 15,000 and a staff strength of about 2,500. Add to this up to 2,000 visitors everyday, you have a very busy community.

To assist this teeming population in getting their jobs done and to ensure that the college carries out its core functions smoothly, the institution has a number of administrative units.

This section of our website allows you, the visitor, to find out more about these units and how best they may be able to serve you. I sincerely hope you have a pleasant experience on our website.

S.A. Ojetunde

Deputy Provost